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Process Post #7- Reviewing My Second Peer Review

Hi! Welcome back to another process post!

Today I will be looking at my peer review from Savannah Lynn that you can find here! Savannah was super sweet in her peer review and I appreciate all the tips that she gave me. I loved reading what she wrote about the Power of Painting and I knew she had a really good eye for design based on her own incredible blog!

The Peer Review

While reading through Savannah’s review, I was very excited to update my website. I took note of the things she mentioned but unfortunately when I went back to implement these new changes, I noticed that I wasn’t able to. After digging further, I found that in order to change font colours and remove suggested posts, I needed to upgrade to the premium version of my theme. With that being said, I considered changing my theme but then realized it is a little late in the year to make that drastic of a change.

Free (left) vs Paid (right) features of my theme

With that being said, she had some other comments that I was able to implement! She talked briefly about my Instagram, specifically posting on it before adding it on here. I ended up posting pictures and updating them but she may have reviewed my blog before they were uploaded. She had a very valid point though, I think I was just excited to have created a new Instagram for here but it was definitely too premature to put it up before having any real posts.

*shameless plug but check out the Power of Painting Instagram here, I promise there are posts up now 🙂 *

Thats all for today folks! Big shoutout to Savannah again, I really appreciate the feedback and comments- they are helping me make this blog the best it can be!

See you guys soon!!

<3 Carissa

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