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Process Post #9- Finding Out Who You Guys Are!

Hello! Today on this process post, I will be finally looking at the analytics for the Power of Painting!

Currently, I am using Google Analytics and Monster Insights, a plugin on WordPress. Google Analytics is a very in-depth look at my audience while the Monster Insights that I am using is only a free version, therefore limiting me from all of its features. But ultimately, both of these tools are super helpful and interesting to use because now I get to see what you guys are like!

After a quick glance at both tools, Monster Insights shows me the same thing as Google Analytics, just with less detail. Therefore, I will just be focusing on Google Analytics, more specifically the general overview, the city and the browser of my audience.

General Overview

This area was the most fascinating to me. I got a chance to see how many users come to my site over this semester and see how many sessions I have had in total. While to most these numbers seem very small, I am actually quite excited to see this amount of people! I did’t even think more than 10 people have seen my site but 56! Wow thats really a huge accomplishment to me.


This is kind of creepy but I know what cit you guys are in! That’s a pretty cool insight to have and interesting to see people from all over the province. A little weird to see a few people out of the country, and I know that these are most likely bots, but hey, maybe I have some fans in Russia, the US and Finland. It makes sense the Burnaby is the highest as that’s where I live and where all of my friends do as well.


This insight gives information on what sort of browser my audience uses. I personally use Safari to create my website but it was cool to see what others are using. Between my friends, it’s a pretty even split of what they use but I have never heard of Android Runtime or Samsung internet (maybe these are the people from Russia or Finland).

I hope these were as interesting for you guys as it was for me. I think it’s really good for me to be transparent with you guys so I am glad you got to see more of an insight into the backend of the Power of Painting.

Thats all for today, see you guys soon!

<3 Carissa

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