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Process Post #11- The Truth About How It Is All Going

Hi everyone! Today on this process post, I am going to be super honest about everything going on, how I am feeling and just the struggle life has been through these hard times.

Our guest lecture Andrew touched on this topic and really sparked something in me. Everyone in the lecture was also sharing their stories of how this semester was going for them and it was nice to hear that we were all in the same boat.

School on its own is exhausting and every semester we all go through the same thing. The cycle of papers, assignments, tests over and over again for 3 months straight is tiring and mentally straining. But there are some pros. Going to campus to see your friends, going to school events, talking with your classmates and much much more.

But with the times we are in, this isn’t possible. Instead of your commute from the bus stop to your classroom, it’s from your bed to your desk. Your classmates are your roommates, your parents or no one. Your friends are through a screen and spontaneous meetups are no longer a thing. All of this on top of regular school life is mentally challenging me and as far as I know, all of my classmates.

Zoom Fatigue is real. My eyes are sore from staring at a screen all day during my classes and all night when I am doing my homework. My back is sore from sitting down all day, with short walks between my kitchen and my room every now and then. This is tough both mentally and physically and a lot of people are going through it.

It’s nice that professors and TAs are very understanding of what is going on. I can tell everyone is trying their best and we are all working to the best of our ability. Students aren’t the only ones who are suffering so we shouldn’t forget the teachers.

To sum up this rant I will leave you with this: I am tired, I am unmotivated, and I really want this pandemic to be over with. I miss my friends, I miss regular life but I know that won’t be back to normal unless we all do our part. SO PLEASE, do your part and stay safe 🙂 We will all get through this together.

Until next time!

<3 Carissa

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