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Process Post #10- Reviewing My Final Peer Review

As things are slowly ending for this class, I received my final peer review from Marylou Villegas. Marylou wrote me a really awesome peer review here and I can’t thank her enough for the kind words.

Her peer review revolved around the topic of audience and monetization for the Power of Painting and she had some very interesting insights and thoughts about our future.

To begin, her first paragraph made me so happy to read! She completely understood the vibe I was trying to go for in terms of theme and colours. She also really nailed my intended demographic and I appreciate her taking the time to analyze my site.

First paragraph of Marylou’s Peer Review

In terms of monetization, she touched on some points on monetization that I found really interesting. She mentioned that I have an opportunity to monetize through my paintings and gain revenue. While I love this idea and hope that there is people out there who would buy my art, I don’t think that this is something that I would like to pursue.

As mentioned previously, this website is just a personal gallery and blog for my friends, family and I. Personally, I like to share my experiences and post about the paintings that I have and hope that other people get inspired by my work.

Overall, I am glad that Marylou loved my site! She noticed the progress that I have made since the beginning of quarantine and that makes me so happy! I loved her site as well and I wrote her a peer review here, check it out!

Until next time 🙂

<3 Carissa

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