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Peer Review #3- Marylou Villegas

For my final peer review, I will be reviewing a blog by Marylou Villegas. On her About page, Marylou describes herself as “a singer-songwriter, a YouTube content creator and a full-time student”. When I read this, I was so impressed, I barely have time being a full-time student!

At first glance, her blog looks to be about her singing and music career. This was really interesting to me because I had not seen a blog like this before and was quite different than the other two blogs I previously peer-reviewed.

I first chose to watch a bunch of her covers, she has a really beautiful voice! You can really tell she is passionate about music and that she has a lot of experience. Clearly, her music and channel are well-loved by her audience, she has over 180k subscribers on her YouTube channel!

In general, I think Marylou’s audience comes for her amazing covers and updates about her music. She has a really great following on other platforms and hopefully, that transfers over to her blog!


I think Marylou’s blog is a great place to market herself and push her brand. For starters, she mentions that she has multiple channels like YouTube, Instagram and Spotify. I noticed them all linked at the bottom of her about page, but I think that they could be more prominent on the home page or have their own tab! This way, her blog can act as a home base for everything Marylou and if some people didn’t know she had a Spotify or YouTube channel, they could find it all in one convenient place.

Speaking of her YouTube channel, while I was watching one of her covers, I got an advertisement right before. This is really interesting to me because she is already monetizing on this platform, which makes sense because the video I clicked on had 3.8 million views!!

Advertisement on Marylou’s most viewed video!

One of my suggestions would be that when she include outside links, she could choose the option to open that link in another tab, that way her audience can easily come back to her site. It’s a super small thing, but I personally find it a little annoying when I am on a site and when I click a link it leaves that site and if I keep clicking, I eventually lose the original site I was on.

In her future, I definitely see merchandise as a way for her to get some income from this blog and her other channels. This could be in the form of clothing and accessories or Vinyl/CDs that she would want to sell. I think that would be really cool to have and this could easily be included in a store tab or sidebar. This way of making money reminds me of some really big artists and Trevor Battye‘s friend who took his prints and paintings and made them into pillows.

While there is no shame in using her platform as a source for revenue by using advertisements for things other than herself, I personally don’t think they fit on this page. If you go on any authentic artists’ websites, you never see any pop-up ads or ads on the side-bar that do not have to do with the artist themselves. Because of this, the audience can tell that the artist is not just in this for the money but for the passion.


Overall, I think Marylou’s blog is a great place to market herself and bring together all of the different platforms she is on. I am really excited to see what she has in store for her in the future and I will definitely be following along with her journey!

Go check her blog out here!

Bye for now 🙂

<3 Carissa

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