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Remix Something


For this assignment, I was trying to think what I could remix. For some reason, I instantly thought of remixing a song, but that doesn’t really make sense for my blog and/or is really out of my abilities.

So I decided to remix a painting I found on Pinterest.

I decided to paint the exact same painting, just in cooler colours. I really like the contrast of the cooler tones to the warmer tones. I tried to continue the gradient from going to light to dark and also continuing with the varying shades of blue.

I thought this was really cool and sometimes I find myself remixing paintings that I really like. Usually, it is because I want the colours to fit the theme of my room or my friends, request certain colours, but I never considered it remixing.

Thats all for this assignment! Let me know what you think 🙂

<3 Carissa

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